• Timber Stand Improvement

    Timber Stand Improvement

    Timber stand improvement (TSI) consists of thinning or culling the forest at proper intervals, which invigorates the crop trees and encourages their growth.  This method is very similar to weeding a garden. Read More
  • Herbicide Application

    Herbicide Application

    Herbicide application is one way to help control non-native vegetation in conjunction with forestry mowing.  The herbicides we use are specially blended and are not for sale to the general public. Read More
  • Invasive species management

    Invasive species management

    Invasive species management consists of three areas – control of non-native vegetation, herbicide application and reforestation. Read More
  • New Equipment Innovations

    New Equipment Innovations

    At Stryker Forest Products we strive to keep up with the latest in equipment and technologies. We come up with our own ideas for innovating our equipment lineup. Read More
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Forestry Fact File

The number of non-industrial private landowners in Vermont has increased from an estimated 61,900 in 1983 to approximately 80,000 in 1997, correlated with a decrease in the average size of a parcel of land.  In Vermont, the net growth of trees has exceeded removal since the first inventory in 1948. About twice as much wood has been grown that was cut or otherwise removed.  In 2005, the contribution of forest based manufacturing and forest related recreation and tourism to the Vermont economy was $1.5 billion.  Vermont forests provide wood now for approximately 10% of electrical and heating use in Vermont.  Connecticut River Valley counties are 85% forested of which 85% is privately owned.  The rest of Vermont counties are 73% forested of which 76% is privately owned.

Service Area

Service AreaProudly serving Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union and Warren counties.

Pulp wood harvesting performed within 100 miles of Morris County, New Jersey.

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